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What is Knitting in Textile?
It is the process of converting yarn into fabric by inter-looping yarns. In actual construction of the fabric, loops are formed then new loops are drawn through previously formed. In knitting sector, knitted loops are known as stitches when they pulled through another loop. It should be noted here that, stitches produced with knitting needles. 
Circular knitting machine used in textile industry
In textile industry, knitted fabric is formed on knitting machines which may hold from several hundred to several thousand knitting needles. There are two types of knitting where one is warp knitting and another one is weft knitting.
In case of weft knitting, the loops will be formed in the horizontal direction and the fabric produced will be in the tubular form. In case of warp knitting, the loops will be formed in the vertical direction and the fabric produced will be in opened width form.
Knitting Fabric Manufacturing Process in Textile Industry:
The process sequence involved in textile knitting process is firstly the yarn is put into the knitting machine creels. After that the yarn is passed through the knitting machine where the yarn is converted into knitted greige fabric and it is wound in the roll form. Then the greige fabric is inspected for any faults or defects. After completing inspection, finally it’s sent to the next process.
Knitting Process Flow Chart: 
The below process chart have to maintain during knit fabric manufacturing in textile:
Greige fabric
Fabric inspection
Types of Knit Fabric Used in Apparel Manufacturing:
The below fabrics are common in manufacturing knit garments:
  1. 100% cotton single jersey fabrics,
  2. Burn out single jersey fabrics,
  3. Lycra or spandex single jersey fabrics,
  4. French terry fabrics (inside brushed),
  5. Micro or baby terry fabrics,
  6. Lacoste fabrics,
  7. Sequence fabrics,
  8. 100% cotton double jersey fabrics,
  9. Pique slub fabrics,
  10. Slub single jersey fabrics,
  11. French terry slub fabrics,
  12. 2×1 Rib fabrics,
  13. 1×1 Rib fabrics,
  14. Grey melange fabrics,
  15. Grey melange slub fabrics,
  16. Fleece fabrics,
  17. French terry fabrics,
  18. Design terry fabrics,
  19. Pique fabrics.

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